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Music » Welcome to Music!

Welcome to Music!

Above are portraits of some of the composers we have studied. 
You can use the rotating slideshow as a quiz--cover their names written at the bottom with your hand or a piece of paper and see if you can recognize them by face.  (You can also pause the slide show or enlarge the photos with the option buttons that appear when you move the mouse arrow over a picture.) 
For more information about some of these composers and links to audio recordings of their compositions, click here:
The notes on the spaces between the lines are F-A-C-E (which, of course, spells "face"), and the notes on the lines are E-G-B-D-F (you can remember this with the sentence Every Good Boy Does Fine).  (Also, you will need to know that the lowest note is on a ledger line and that the note one ledger line below the treble clef is "C".)
Please share your answer with me. My answer is, "Yes, I do!"

Having Fun While Learning:

Behold the Egbdf

by Ian Larrimore


The Egbdf (pronounced “EGG-buh-duff”) is a large flightless bird which lives on Trevalkleftonia, an uncharted island located just off the southeast coast of Ostraillia.  (An internet search for the exact location of this island will likely reveal no useful results, since it is, as aforementioned, uncharted. You are free to try anyway.  I did and it did not show any results. It asked me if I wanted to travel. But you may have better luck.)

While not much is known about their diet or migratory patterns, they have been observed to demonstrate unusual musical abilities.  They are shy creatures, seldom appearing in public, except to offer aid to weary music students tired of learning lots of arbitrary musical terminology.  Their specialty, it is rumored, is assisting in the memorization of the line notes of the treble clef.  (Since, as we all know, the space notes of the treble clef are F-A-C-E, which spells “face.”  We hardly need the assistance of a bird--whether flightless or no--to remember this.  It would be a waste of any bird’s time. No, we only need to bother the shy but kind-hearted Egbdf to help us in learning the LINE notes.)

It is a remarkable coincidence that the letters of the Ebgdf’s name--E-G-B-D-F--are also the same as the names of the line notes on the treble clef, in order from bottom to top--if one may call such a thing a coincidence.  If you discover any information regarding this mysterious connection, please let us know. (Please also let us know if you find out the exact location of Trevalkleftonia--GPS coordinates would be very helpful--or any of the Egbdf’s dietary or migratory habits.)

(About the above photo: This footage from an anonymous photographer gives us a rare glimpse of an Egbdf who has ventured out bravely into an open meadow in broad daylight. The Egbdf is believed to be mostly active at night and to nest in densely forested areas.)