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Music » Welcome to Music!

Welcome to Music!

Above are portraits of some of the composers we have studied. 
You can use the rotating slideshow as a quiz--cover their names written at the bottom with your hand or a piece of paper and see if you can recognize them by face.  (You can also pause the slide show or enlarge the photos with the option buttons that appear when you move the mouse arrow over a picture.) 
For more information about each composer and links to audio recordings of their compositions, click here:
The notes on the spaces between the lines are F-A-C-E (which, of course, spells "face"), and the notes on the lines are E-G-B-D-F (you can remember this with the sentence Every Good Boy Does Fine).  (Also, you will need to know that the lowest note is on a ledger line and that the note one ledger line below the treble clef is "C".)
Please share your answer with me. My answer is, "Yes, I do!"