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Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Eastfield Global Magnet School- Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Policy


Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Statement of Purpose:
We believe that parent participation is an integral part of the education of the students in our
Title I Program. We believe that they are our partners in teaching and nurturing. Every effort to
invite and consider parent and community input is made to ensure the success of our students.
We also believe that parents should collaboratively assist the Title I personnel in designing the
instructional program, overseeing the implementation process, and evaluating results within the
accepted limits of federal regulations.

Procedures for Parental Engagement:
1. All teachers will systematically report to parents the student’s mastery of specific
standards-based objectives.
2. The ongoing conversation between school personnel and parents will be candid, supportive, and
flow in both directions.
3. The school will regularly communicate with parents about its expectations of them and the
importance of the curriculum of the home (what parents can do at home to support their children’s
4. The school’s key documents (Parent and Family Engagement Plan, Mission Statement, Compact,
Homework Guidelines, Classroom Visit Procedures) will be annually distributed and frequently
communicated to teachers, school personnel, parents, and students.
5. The school will provide parents/guardians with practical guidance to maintain regular and
supportive verbal interactions with their children.
6. The school will provide parents (families) with practical guidance to encourage their children’s
regular reading habits at home.
7. Teachers will meet with family members (parents or guardians) formally at least two times a year
to engage in two-way communication regarding students’ cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical
development outside the classroom.
8. Parent (Family) representatives will advise the School Leadership Team on matters related to
family-school relations.
9. McDowell County Schools will notify all parents of the Annual Parent Engagement (Public
Hearing) Meeting.
10. The district and school will maintain a parent advisory council to help facilitate parent
engagement ideas and activities.