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Principal's Page

 Twitter: @MichelleatEGMS
Read "My Story"-What influenced me to become a teacher?  You can find the attached file at the bottom of this page.  
Find Other Helpful Attachments at the bottom of this page  
 Mark Your Calendars:
  • October 31st is Career Day!  If you would like to set up and present your career to our students, please contact Sally Cocklin, Guidance Counselor.  Students wear Career Day Costumes to School!

Ways You Can Volunteer and Be Part of the Day:

  • Always schedule an appointment with the classroom teacher first so we are good stewards of your time and plan appropriately for you to serve!
  • We have a school-wide literacy block 8:00-9:35.  We would love you to be a “Read to Someone” or “Work on Writing” Buddy in a classroom.  Please come read with students or help students write and edit their stories!
  • We often need someone that can help make copies for classrooms, laminate materials, prep centers, or change out bulletin boards. 
  • Come for lunch and be a lunch buddy with your student. 
  • Lunch Buddy Program-would you be willing to serve once month and have lunch with 2-3 students that you would meet with and play games or share jokes and stories?  We are always looking for ways to build relationships with students and provide more individualized attention to who they are and their hopes and dreams.  If you could be a lunch buddy, please let Mrs. Baker know!  We will connect you to key students that you will serve each month and provide mentorship and time! 
  • Weed and pick up trash-if you have an hour or two to assist with weeding our flower beds or picking up trash on the campus we will certainly appreciate the extra hands! 
  • Have an area of expertise you could be a “guest teacher?”  Maybe you could add to our art, music, or computer classes? 
  • Connect with our PTO Board- Andrea Darsey, Grace Buchanan, Latisha Dirhold, Jessica Roland, Julie Boyd.  eastfieldpto@gmail.com

PTO Dates

July 11                             Meet the Teacher

September 20                  1st Quarter Student Led Conferences

December 14                    Hispanic Festival 

December 18                   2nd Quarter Student Led Conferences

February 21                     Winter Parent Fair Night

March 7                           3rd Quarter Student Led Conferences

May 16                            Spring Parent Fair Night

June  6                             5th Grade Graduation