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 Twitter: @MichelleatEGMS
Read "My Story"-What influenced me to become a teacher?  You can find the attached file at the bottom of this page.  
Find the attached file for 4th  Nine Weeks Do Jo Incentives where we are PROUD to acknowledge Positive Behavior and Leadership Choices our students make daily!
 Mark Your Calendars:
  • May 7th-May 16th-End of Year MClass Benchmark Testing Kinder-3rd Grade 
  • May 17th-Hispanic Festival 
  • May 25th-Invite your Family to School Day-come be part of our day!  
  • May 30th-EOG Reading Test
  • May 31st-EOG Math Test
  • June 1st-EOG Science Test
  • June 1st-Kinder-2nd Field Day
  • June 4th-Read to Achieve Test and EOG Make Ups 
  • June 5th-3rd-5th Field Day
  • June 6th-School Wide Field Trip to Bo's
  • June 7th-Awards Day Kinder-2nd 8:30 and 3rd-5th 9:50 Dismissal and Last Day 11:00 am
  • June 8th-June 15th-Take 2 Camp for Students to retake EOGs and turn any 2 into a 3, 4, 5! 
School-Wide focus this year to close achievement gaps, cultivate high engagement, and prepare your child for the world:
  • PBLs-Problem or Project Based Learning.  Each classroom will experience two PBLs a quarter that require teams of students to solve a real-world based problem.  Students learn to work together collaboratively, discover multiple solutions for a problem, design prototypes that are tested and redesigned for a better solution, and integrate technology as part of the initial research or design process. You have to see this process!  Please feel free to come visit and experience a PBL with your student.  PBLs also include opportunities for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) that prepare your child for the world beyond the classroom.    
  • Small Groups-At EGMS, we are committed to our mission to reach every child at his/her readiness level and teach every child as an individual.  Whenever you are on our campus, you will see teachers seated at kidney tables pulling anywhere from 1-8 students at a time.  We have built in individualized tutoring and enrichment instruction into our daily schedule.  Students are pulled for small groups in Core Reading, Core  Math, and WIN (What I Need).  
  • Global Themes-Each nine weeks we focus on a global, big picture theme that is naturally integrated and part of our everyday curriculum.   First Nine Weeks-Global Citizenship; Second Nine Weeks-Global Issues and News; Third Nine Weeks-The USA, Our Place in the World;  Fourth Nine Weeks-World Contributions to Science and Art.
  • Begin with the End in Mind- teachers will be meeting weekly as a grade level team. They will determine the skills they want to teach and then create the assessment before writing their lesson plans.  Creating the assessment first will help guide teachers in knowing exactly what language they need to address with your student and how skills are layered.  Lesson plans will be more specific and purposeful if teachers begin with the end in mind to ensure we are supporting your child every step of the way from start to finish.  
  • Student Partnerships in the Learning Process- we are working to empower students to be responsible for their own learning.  Students will be keeping data notebooks so they can see the progress they are making or areas that need improvement.  Many classes will be implementing student led conferences this school year.  
  • Item Analysis- Teachers will give common assessments in math and reading at each grade level so we can truly compare the progress of students.  Teachers will use a spreadsheet to record responses of students for each question item.  Teachers will  look for patterns in the responses to target specifically the questions students are struggling with and need more support.  Teachers will be looking at individual student responses so students can be helped at the teacher table at an individual level.