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Computer & STEM Lab- Mrs. Smith

Welcome to the EGMS Technology and STEM Lab Page! 
Welcome back to school! I absolutely cannot wait to see what this year has in store. I have been trying to transform the stem lab and computer lab to my own taste during our break and the workdays and I really hope the kids love it. Our year is going to be busy with class procedures and goals, learning to log in and strengthing our log in skills, learning how to research projects, learning about googles many apps and how to use them, and so much more. I also accept recyclables as donations for kids to build with and to use for projects and makerspace. 
Technology & STEM are vital tools in our students education. 
At Eastfield Global Magnet School the students have access to computers in their classrooms with Chromebooks, Library, Computer Lab, & STEM Lab.
Students in grades K - 5 are scheduled to come to the lab once a week.
They will be learning to sign in using their own emails, typing skills, internet safety, coding, how to work as a team, and so much more. 
Open times are available for classroom teacher to bring their students for additional computer time.
          Eastfield Global Magnet School                            September 2019

September Newsletter

This month we will be finishing our Digital Citizenship Lessons with commonsense media. K-5th will be earning certificates for participating and working so hard to learn their digital citizenship. We also have some scheduled time in the stem lab for a little bit of fun. We will be doing pom pom catapults for Kinder-2nd grade, 3rd will be making constellation projectors, 4th will be learning about navigation and will be doing a navigation race, 5th will be making basketball towers out of magazines and newspapers. 

Important Dates: 

Sep. 2nd- No School Labor Day 

Sep.19th- Student Led Conferences

Sep. 23rd-Oct. 11th Break

Computer Lab

Sep 9-13:

K-2  screen out the mean and powerful passwords

3rd the power of words

4th be a super digital citizen

5th what is a cyberbully

Sep 16-20

K-2  pbs internet web license 

3-5  internet safety video and typing club

Stem Lab

Sep 3-6: 

K-2nd  pom-pom catapults

3rd  constellation projectors

4th  navigation and navigation race

5th  apple annihilators 

Common Sense is a website with Digital Citizenship Curriculum that we use to learn about internet safety and how to be digital citizens. They have a lot of family resources to offer as well as the information that your students receive during our lessons. Along with the lessons, commonsense also offers Digital Passport; this is a special part of the website that allows students to play games that are designed to go along with the lessons they are learning, such as, share jumper, protect password, search shark, and more. We will also be incorporating Google's Be Internet Awesome (below) since it has a lot of safety lessons we will be learning. Common Sense Media
This is Google's Be Internet Awesome Software! This is an internet safety lesson that helps students be safer online. It uses topics like Share With Care, Don't Fall for Fakes, Secure Your Secrets, Its Cool to be Kind, and When in Doubt, Talk it Out. These lessons also include a game that was created by Google called Interland. This high definition game has avatars and kingdoms, can be played at home as well and uses the lessons we are learning to make students think about what they are doing online. 
Code and Go Mouse is an unplugged game that helps the younger students understand coding and algorithms further. It can hold up to 40 directional commands! A student must plan ahead where they would like the mouse to go while avoiding walls and going through tunnels to find the cheese. If a students code is messed up, we then go to the next process which is debugging or finding the problem. If they get the cheese we then its time for a victory dance. Students are becoming more hands on so this will be a great tool to achieve focus & engagement in the classroom
Introducing LittleBits!
LittleBits are electronic pieces that you connect together with USB or magnets. You then code using the littleBits app and you can create games, inventions, animations, and so much more. This activity will be for grades 3rd- 5th. 
The HOUR OF CODE is here December 3rd-9th and it brought along a new game from the new movie The Grinch! We will be discussing how important coding and computer science can be to the world and how we use them from day to day. Then, we will be helping the Grinch save Christmas by using Blockly and JavaScript coding blocks and games.   
                                                                         Image result for Hour of code grinch

*What is the Hour of Code? The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.

*What is Code.org? Code.Org is a website that we use starting the 2nd 9 weeks. It uses text and visual based programming like Blockly that offers drag and drop commands to complete a task. This website teaches the fundamentals of coding from K-5th grade and prepares them for learning coding and computer science beyond elementary school.

*What is Typing Club? Typing club is a website that the students use to build up their typing skills which is a very valuable skill to have. It syncs to their emails to make it easier to access and continue where they left off and to keep track of where their progress is.
*What is a STEM Lab? STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In STEAM we just add Art. In the STEM lab we research topics, have teacher and student guided projects and experiments using recycled materials, we create and invent, practice our sign ins, email, and typing skills to become more independent, and learn to work as a team and collaborate to solve problems and improve an experiment. 
*What is ABCYA? Abcya is a website with learning based games. It is used for different topics and for free time if available each class period. 
Daily Class Schedule
7:55-8:45 Duckworth
8:50-9:45 Literacy
9:50-10:45 Flores
11:00-11:50 Open
11:50-12:50 Lunch
12:50-1:40 Campo
1:45-2:35 Open
7:55-8:45 Open
8:50-9:45 Literacy
9:50-10:45 Allen
11:00-11:50 Capps
11:50-12:50 Lunch
12:50-1:40 Laudermilk
1:45-2:35 Fortenberry
7:55-8:45 Martinez
8:50-9:45 Literacy
9:50-10:45 Elkins
11:00-11:50 Putman
11:50-12:50 Lunch
12:50-1:40 Open
1:45-2:35 Open
7:55-8:45 Open
8:50-9:45 Literacy
9:50-10:45 Open
11:00-11:50 Hall 
11:50-12:50 Lunch
12:50-1:40 Davis
1:45-2:35 Hunt
7:55-8:45 Chaffin
8:50-9:45 Literacy
9:50-10:45 Salas
11:00-11:50 Zapata 
11:50-12:50 Lunch
12:50-1:40 Open
1:45-2:35 Bianchi