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2nd Grade Mrs. Laudermilk

April....New Beginnings
It's hard to believe that we are starting our last nine weeks of second grade.  This year is going by so fast.  I want to take this opportunity to introduce you our new student teacher, Katlin Landis.  She is a student at UNCA and completing her last eight weeks of student teaching in our classroom.  She is very eager, patient, and has a natural love for children.  I am excited for the remainder of the year!  She is going to be a wonderful addition to our classroom.  I also want to welcome 3 new students to our class...Emilia, Migel and Teagan.  We are so excited that you have chosen to join us as well.  
In Reading, our focus will be learning about Author's Purpose.  This includes reading and understanding the passages to determine the "reason" why the "author" has written the passage.  The three reasons are: ANSWER a question, DESCRIBE something with details and facts, or EXPLAIN how to do something.  Our Acronym is ADE...as in LemonADE.  
In Math, our focus will be on Time on an analog clock.  We are learning the difference between AM and PM as well as how to tell time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour and the 5 minute.    You can support this standard at home by asking your child to read the time on an analog clock....reading the hour hand first, then the minute hand. 
In Social Studiee, we are going to focus map skills....compass rose, oceans, continents, states, borders, etc.  We are going to be doing"Mystery Skypes" with other classes across the United States and ask questions to gather clues about where their state is on the map. They in turn will ask us questions about our state to see if they can guess where we live.   
In Science, we will begin our study of Life Cycles.   We will learn and observe first hand about the different life cycles of plants and animals including butterflies, frogs and chickens.  Our embryology project will begin on Monday, April 9.  In cooperation with NC State and the NC cooperative extension 4H Club, we will be incubating chicken eggs for 21 days. The students are truly "egg-cited" about science.  
Thank you for your constant support and allowing me to educate your children...Happy Spring!!   
Ms. Laudermilk and Miss Landis
Mark your Calendars with these important dates to remember:
April 9....Delivery of chicken eggs for Embryology project
April 13...Test on Author's Purpose (2.RI.6)
April 19...Test on Time/Clocks  2.MD.7
April 29....Hatch Date
May 2... Progress Reports
May 7 - 11.....Teacher Appreciation Week
May 7 - 25...... End of Year MClass Testing for K-2
May 9.... Book Fair begins
May 10... Parent Night / Hispanic Festival
May 30 - June 1....EOG testing for 3-5 grades
June 6....School Wide Field Trip to Bo's in Hickory, NC
June 6....5th grade Graduation
 Ms. Laudermilk's Philosophy of Education

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how excited I am about teaching and how delighted I am to have your child in my classroom. Some of my students I had the opportunity to teach last year in reading camp and other students I will get to know very soon.  I am sure this year will be a fun-filled, challenging and rewarding learning experience for each and every child.  I am dedicated to making this a busy, productive, and exciting year for my students so that they each can develop and learn in a variety of different ways.  I have very high expectations of my students and I want everyone to work to their fullest potential.   I think we have a terrific class and I’m looking forward to a fantastic year!     

     I would like to begin by giving you an overview of my Philosophy of Education.  As a teacher, I believe in creating life-long learners.  It is very important to me that my students are happy and look forward to coming to school each and every day.  I want children to leave our classroom every day feeling excited and wondering what they will be learning tomorrow.  Above all, I want each child to feel that they can, and will, be successful at school.  I tell my students that they are not allowed to say the words, “I can’t” because although their work may be challenging at times, I will never give them something that they are unable to do.  I expect students to always try their very best.  

Our classroom is a special place.  It is place where children should feel special, feel safe, and feel free to take risk.  We are on this “journey” together and it is important that we are all kind, encouraging and supportive of one another.  Each one of us has different strengths, needs, opinions, and ideas.  If we work together there is nothing we cannot accomplish

We all learn in different ways and at our own pace, therefore we may not always be working on the same thing.  Sometimes we will be working in small groups, with a partner, by ourselves, or with a teacher.  Other times we will work as a whole group.  We need to respect each other’s individuality and unique learning styles and remember that learning is not a race, but a journey. 

I am committed to the importance of parent involvement and support in a child’s education.  I firmly believe that your child receives the best education possible when you and I work together as partners. I will be communicating with you often about our classroom plans, your child’s progress, school events, and other occasions as they arise.   I hope that as parents, you will always come to me with questions and concerns.  It is important that we communicate openly and honestly with one another.  Talk to your child about their day and make sure they are happy and feel confident.  It is the key to a successful year for you and your child.  

Finally, let’s remember that learning is FUN!  We will all be making discoveries and experiencing new things together.  No two days will be the same.  We need to get messy, laugh a lot, be good friends and explore together on our wonderful learning journey!

No books at home?  Students can log on to RAZ kids through the school webpage and read book.  There are lots of great books to read.  
IDaily Schedule: 
7:40 - 8:00 Breakfast 
8:00 - 8:20 Phonics
8:20 - 9:40 Literacy Rotations/  Daily 5
9:40 - 10:20  WIN
10:25 - 11:40 Math
11:45 - 12:15  LUNCH
12:15 - 1:15  Specials
M:  PE
T:  Computers
W: Guidance
Th: Music 
F:  Art
1:15 - 1:45 RECESS
1:50 - 2:00 FFV Snack
2:00 - 2:35 SS / Science