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2nd Grade Splash - MartindelCampo

 Dear Students and Families, 




We are at the third quarter and your child has been learning so many skills in all subjects.

During the month of February, kids are taking the test of “Mid of the Year Math Assessment”, that grades the standards that we have learned so far during this school year.

Students were also tested for what we call MOY , which stands for Middle of the Year, Reading Level. Students are called by a testing team that pulls them one on one to read a book or books, asks them questions and asks them to write down some answers for some other questions. We have worked on this for over 18 weeks and students are becoming better every day. The results were outstanding!

I want to share with you some important information regarding the reading levels students are expected to be on during 2nd grade.

BOY= I (Proficient)

MOY= J-K (Proficient)

EOY= L-M (Proficient)

This year we have been focusing on learning to follow instructions in general. For work, field trips, routine activities, etc. They are still working on learning to “Pause & Listen”. However, I can see how good they are trying and are on the right track.

I recommend to work at home when possible, give your child some chores and give them 2-4 instructions at the time to follow. The must follow the procedures. Guide them as needed.

You can also incorporate any math practice while in the car by giving them word problems to solve, skip count, adding doubles, any fact practice will benefit them.

Finally, encourage them to read at home as a daily routine, just the same way you eat, brush your teeth, watch tv. This will benefit them in all senses.

Thank you for the support you have been giving me and looking forward to have a wonderful 3rd and almost 4th quarter.

I will keep updating you every week on Class Dojo, email me or call me at school for any question or concern.

Silvia Martin del Campo       




This quarter we will visit the YMCA to learn about how to stay safe in the water.
The field trip will be on March, Thursday 7.
Join us if you have a background check and are willing to learn and have fun.