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2nd Grade Splash - MartindelCampo

 Dear Students and Families, 
We are studying about Fables and Folktales in Spanish and English, I suggest you pick one to read to your students at night and you can ask them the characteristics this kind of text have, such as, short stories, characters are animals, it teaches you a lesson or a moral, and the characters act like humans.
Folktales also share information about the history of a place or traditions. You can even encourage your child to look up for folktales from different parts of the world.
Students will be tested on 9/20/19, the goal is 70% or higher.
A MAth test will be taking place soon, students have been working hard on learning about adding 10 +, 10-, 100+, and 100-, they have also learned how to skip count by 2's,5's, and 10's, adding fluently up to 20, and identifying if the numbers are odd or even. The test will be on 08/30/2019.
On Science we have been working on several experiments about State of Matter and how to change one state to the other.
Social Studies has been all about maps, using the symbols on a map, learning how to use a map and actually using them.
Soon we will have information about our first school field trip, that is related to Social Studies units about maps, and getting around town. 


Silvia Martin del Campo