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2nd Grade Splash - MartindelCampo

 Dear Students and Families, 
We are on the last quarter of the School Year, sure time flies! 
During this quarter we will keep reviewing adding, subtracting, and solving one and two step word problems, some problems will involve counting money and giving back change. Students will learn to read the clock and review geometry concepts. We will review all the standards we have learned so far to help students master the concepts learned through out the year and prepare them for the end of the year Math test that they will have. Remember there is math everywhere, so any time at the park or on the road you can practice this skill with your kid.
Read with your kid every day and ask him or her questions about the reading. You can have them also hear a book in Spanish and ask him or her to retell the story for you in English. Retelling is the best way to see if the student has comprehend what they have read. Ask specific questions that will help them evaluate if they understood the story or not, if they missed details, etc.

 This last quarter, on May, students will be tested to know their EOY (End Of the Year) Reading Level. All of them have worked hard to keep growing in this matter and have moved up 1-6 reading levels already!

The EOY 2nd Grade Benchmark is to be on Level "M".


It was great knowing and working with your child this year.



Silvia Martin del Campo